Want To Come?

We are glad that you are considering joining us during one of our services. If you've been to church before it will be familiar to you, but if it is a new experience it can make you nervous. Well, feel free to scroll down to the section that applies to you.

Been to Church Before

You've been to church before but stopped going. If these reasons are the reason why you stopped going keep reading on.

You've Been to church before but stopped going because:

I don't believe in organized religion

I have my own way of connecting with God

I got tired of the church always asking me for money

My life situation changed, and I just never went back

I don't have to go to church to be a good person

I'm too busy, and Sundays are my only time to rest

Church is boring

The people tend to have their own cliques-I never fit in

Christians are judgmental and hypocritical

I don't think I'd be welcome anymore-I've done some bad stuffy

Bad experience

I've been hurt before from church

Now, these are common thoughts and reason but don't let that stop you from coming to church. Church is where you can grow and get these reason so to speak answered. Yes, you may have been hurt before or you've just been busy either way, we encourage you to reflect on this and perhaps identify those areas of your life where you realize Christ has been missing and you feel it. So don't hesitate any longer. Our doors are open and we are here ready to help you grow, answer questions, and help you prevail.

Here are some reason why you should come to church:

You get connected with God

Community and friendship with others

Spiritual growth

Love and forgiveness


Healthier family

Healthier life balance

New Experience

Well, don't worry and don't be nervous if it's a new experience. Remember your first day at a new school? You probably arrived feeling a little insecure about what would be expected of you. All churches have their own ways of doing things, and this can seem weird at first when you're not sure what, when, or how things are done. The best plan is to watch others around you. Regular attendees will know the routine, so follow their lead. If something seems strange or you don't understand it, you can just go with the flow. It will make sense eventually, and you can't be expected to know everything at first. Also, keep in mind that you are not obliged to participate in any aspect of the service that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Our main service starts with announcements about events happening in our church. Next, will be responsive scripture reading. Then, we have Praise and Worship. Once an actual worship song starts, people will at most always stand. The lyrics to the songs will be provided, and it's great to sing along as it helps you engage, but don't feel like you must. After, one of our Pastors (Pastor Fred or Pastor Valeria Rochester) will give a teaching on the Bible (the sermon or message).

After the message, we will have tithes and offerings. If this issue concerns you, please know that the process of giving money is something the "family" does. The intention is to provide for our church needs, and it's an opportunity for people to give back to God as He has provided for them. Taking an offering (or "passing the plate") is not by any means the main priority. You are, first and foremost, our guest. We want you, not your money. Think of a dinner party. Family members provide the food, and guest are simply welcomed and served. If they choose to contribute something it is appreciated but it's not expected. Lastly, there will be a benediction. At the end of the service some people may come over and introduce themselves to you. It's a great opportunity to hang out a bit and possibly meet more people. This is entirely your choice, however. It really depends on your personality and how comfortable you feel. Sometimes it's less threatening to keep a low profile on the first visit. Simply be polite and introduce yourself when asked. If someone asks if it's your first time, it's okay to tell the person that you are "just visiting." You needn't engage in a long conversation. It's good to be open to meeting at least one new person. It will be easier to come back if you recognize at least one familiar face.

Been to Church Before or New Experience

Know that going to church is never about being good or bad. It's about the opportunity to learn more about God, grow in faith, gain wisdom, and build relationships with people who experience the same mercy, compassion, and forgiveness that you will experience. Church should be a positive influence in your life, a place where you can be real and develop a new focus in life while being supported by others walking the same journey.

Church is about helping you grow. Imagine taking a seed and putting it in soil and leaving it there. Will it grow? Probably--in fact, it may even develop into a small shrub with the help of rain sunshine, and fresh air. But if it isn't tended over time, the shrub may be stunted in its growth.

What if that shrub had been tended by a gardener who clipped away the dead leaves, pruned the branches, and watered, fed, and nurtured it? That shrub would thrive and probably be in full flower every spring, constantly growing and prevailing into a bigger and bigger masterpiece in the garden. Its roots would go down deep and spread wide, and it would grow to be established and healthy.

This is just how Jesus taught us about the importance of spiritual growth and staying connected to Him. God is our gardener, Jesus is like the vine, and we are the branches. How can a branch sustain itself if it's not connected to the vine? (John 15:4-5)

You may well be aware of some dead leaves and stunted growth in your own life. Maybe it's time to bring your shrub back to the gardener for some tending. If so, come and join us during one of our services.

Church Follow-Up

Don't avoid this step. Doing this is a good thing. A good, organized church will inevitably have you fill out some kind of information card. In our church we have a welcome center just for you to send us your information. It helps us to follow up with you via letter, e-mail, or phone call.

Sometimes we might be a tad persistent and even enthusiastic so please forgive us if it's is a little overwhelming. But don't feel the need to make an immediate decision on anything. Realize we do this because we care about you. Don't let our eagerness deter you from returning. Remember, we just want to help you grow, connect with God, and help you to continue to prevail.

The Most Important Tip:

Be yourself! Come to Prevailing Word Bible Church with an open heart and mind, and make every effort to be responsive to God's leading in your life. He knows what will work best for you. Know that we care about you. We hope you find what you're looking for and that you will rediscover all the amazing things God has in mind for you, your family and your future! God wants you to prevail and so do we, so join us at our next service.

Some information comes from "ReDiscover Church" by Outreach.com

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At Prevailing Word Ministries, we strive to teach and train believers to be the very best they could be in Christ. We encourage believers to come out, pray, seek the face of God, worship, ask questions, and fellowship with other believers so that they could mature in Christ.

We are the Body of Christ, and we need each other to accomplish the will of God in the earth.

The saving of souls, the maturing of believers, and the fellowship of the saints in the love of the Lord, the bond of perfectness.

There is no perfect local assembly, but there is a place of His planting where God perfects us through the Word of His grace.

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